The three WORST foods for your healthy skin

Published on August 1, 2013

In the quest to keep skin vibrant, the importance of eating the right foods has long been known to play a role in how successful you are. Certain foods have a reputation for causing skin problems, acne outbreaks, excess oil production, and blackheads. These skin anomalies can often be prevented through a regular cleansing routine along with consuming the right foods, as well as avoiding the bad ones. The following are three of the absolute WORST foods that you can consume for your skin.

Partially Hydrogenated Oil (and foods containing it) is horrible for skin, known for causing all the typical symptoms of food induced outbreaks as well as potential weight gain and other unrelated problems. Hydrogenated oil should be avoided at all costs for those predisposed to skin issues, consuming this oil will make it much worse, especially over an extended period of time.

The next bad food for your skin health is white bread. Plain white bread is a staple of the diet for a lot of people, but this refined carbohydrate is quickly converted to sugar within the body, and large amounts of sugar are recognized as bad news for your skin cells. This is partly because sugar interacts with hormones and collagen, resulting in decreased elasticity.

Third on the list of terrible foods for your skin is candy. Again there is the issue of sugar content, but there is also an added threat with candy that has raised levels of preservatives. These processed substances can interact in unpredictable and negative ways with your sensitive skin, and can sneak up on you in many forms. Candies with large amounts of preservatives have been processed heavily, making it a very bad choice for skin.

These do not encompass all bad foods for the skin, but three of the absolute worst. If you manage to avoid these in your diet, your skin will likely thank you down the road.

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