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Rhinoplasty in Scottsdale is a plastic surgery procedure done to improve the shape and structure of a person’s nose. It is helpful in correcting cosmetic issues, birth defects, and breathing issues. It can typically only be performed once the nasal bones have fully grown.

Dr. David A. Hecht’s special interest in rhinoplasty, combined with his dual training in Facial Plastic Surgery and Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery, enables him to aesthetically and strategically manage both “Form and Function” of the nose for each patient. After training with two world-renowned facial plastic surgeons, Dr. Dean Toriumi and Dr. Eugene Tardy, Dr. Hecht quickly rose to the forefront of rhinoplasty, making him a top rhinoplasty specialist among his peers, even bringing him to the forefront as the top revision rhinoplasty specialist in the Scottsdale area. Dr. Hecht’s strong reputation and prestigious training have earned him much acclaim and many patient referrals from numerous plastic surgeons and otolaryngologists throughout the country. As a leader in this area, he lends his skills to fellow surgeons by teaching them about the latest techniques in rhinoplasty and serves as a mentor to his peers on challenging cases.

A Unique Approach to Rhinoplasty:  What makes Dr. Hecht a Rhinoplasty Specialist?

Scottsdale rhinoplasty specialistDr. Hecht’s approach to rhinoplasty is not only cosmetic, it is functional. The nose serves a purpose in healthy breathing, so any obstruction, whether from birth, injury or previous surgery, can be problematic. Unlike some surgeons, Dr. Hecht focuses on conserving and reshaping cartilage whenever possible, rather than concentrating on excision. By meticulously preserving the nasal structures and using diligent graft work, Dr. Hecht is able to help prevent nasal collapse and breathing difficulties, which minimizes the need for revision rhinoplasty surgery. Cosmetically, Dr. Hecht focuses on the entire shape of the nose and offers realistic recommendations for overall nasal and facial balance. He prefers a natural, “non-operated” look, focusing on realistic expectations. Dr. Hecht personally evaluates and manages each patient’s care. He openly discusses goals, benefits and limitations with every patient to ensure comprehensive understanding of the procedure prior to surgery. Call Dr Hecht for Rhinoplasty in Scottsdale today.

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Preparing for Surgery

Rhinoplasty surgery requires a consultation to determine whether you are a good candidate. You will discuss your complete medical history with Dr. Hecht. During this, you will be asked about all current and past medical conditions, medications you are currently taking, and any allergies you may have.

You will be given a physical exam, and your nose will be examined. This will give Dr. Hecht an understanding of which changes are possible. You may have to undergo a blood test and other tests prescribed by the doctor.

During your consultation, you can also discuss the possibility of undergoing other facial surgeries at the same time as your rhinoplasty for comprehensive enhancement.

As part of the preparation for surgery, you will be asked to stop smoking and to avoid alcohol. The dosages of any medications you currently take may be adjusted to avoid complications during and after surgery.

What the Rhinoplasty Procedure Entails

General anesthesia or a combination of local anesthesia and sedation will be administered at the start of the procedure. After this, small incisions will be made inside the nostrils (closed rhinoplasty) or on the columella between the nostrils (open rhinoplasty). During open rhinoplasty, the skin will then be lifted for improved access.

The reshaping process then takes place. Skin, cartilage, and bone may be adjusted. If there is a need for a cartilage graft, it is taken from the ear, septum, or rib. Depending on the complexity of the techniques utilized, rhinoplasty surgery can take up to two hours.

Rhinoplasty Recovery

After the surgery, a metal or plastic splint may be placed on the nose. The splint helps the nose to heal properly and retain the new shape. If needed, splints will be placed inside the nose to stabilize the structure.

Follow Dr. Hecht’s care directions closely to minimize the chance of complications. You must keep your head elevated during recovery to avoid increased post-surgical swelling. Ice can be used to reduce swelling. Stitches can be removed during a follow-up appointment, where healing progress will be checked.

Rhinoplasty results are apparent immediately, and full results can be seen once all swelling has disappeared.

Financing Options

Rhinoplasty financing for our patients is available through CareCredit and Prosper Healthcare Lending. You can also look into our Patient Loyalty Program to find out about potential savings.

While the cost of functional rhinoplasty is sometimes covered by health insurance providers, the price of cosmetic rhinoplasty is not. The cost of cosmetic rhinoplasty is determined using factors such as the total surgical time, the anesthesia administered, and the techniques used.

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