I am super happy with the results

Published on October 5, 2016

Dr. Hecht did an amazing job on my cosmetic rhinoplasty! I was always self conscious of my profile in photographs because of a slight hump that made my nose look a little downturned and flat. He recommended a small tip graft as well. I had my surgery on a Tuesday and I was back at work the following Monday. I had zero bruising-just slightly yellow under one eye. The first couple days are pretty rough because you can’t breathe through your nose, but other than that it’s tolerable, more fatigue than anything. I also scar very easily and was expecting my scar to not heal very well, but it’s virtually undetectable.

I am super happy with the results. He really could not have done a better job! Now my nose is straight and my tip is perfect! I highly recommend him.

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