Dr. Hecht knows perfectly well

Published on October 8, 2022

Where to start to explain how AWESOME Dr. Hecht and his staff are…. First off, my nose was more messed up than I thought. I always knew two things…. it was very crooked and very hard to breathe out of one side. I am a country singer. For any of my fellow vocalists, your concerns may be the same as mine were. What I will say is that my result was very positive and my voice was unharmed.

Upon my first meeting with Dr. Hecht and his staff, everyone was very positive and very helpful! It took me a couple minutes of meeting Dr. Hecht to conclude I was in the best hands possible. Seemed he was very quietly focused and I think that’s how he is so precise. Dont want to get ahead of myself here….

Christie was very knowledgable and informative of the financial and insurance details. I was overly satisfied with the customer service she delivers. Veronica and Angela are always cheerful on the phone when I call. They are also knowledgable on my particular operation as well as Christie. It seems Dr. Hecht knows perfectly well how to run his practice and hiring the best staff is one of the subjects of proof to be the case.

From the beginning to the end of my operation, I was in good hands. I was never scared. I was confident. I was anxious. I was ready. The results were flawless. Everything I wanted out of this surgery was achieved.

If you are searching to have a rhinoplasty, septoplasty or turbinoplasty, my advice to you is to go straight to Dr. Hecht. I am overly pleased with his performance! Come see me anytime at any of my performances and see for yourself. I’ll show you the pre-operation photos. You decide from there.

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