Dr. Hecht is trustworthy, honest, and cares deeply

Published on October 7, 2016

Making the decision on what plastic surgeon is right for you is a stressful and important one to make, and I can sincerely say you will not have any regrets choosing Dr. Hecht! He is absolutely amazing, not only as a surgeon but as a person. My rhinoplasty surgery was seamless- legitimately no pain or bruising. Most videos and stories on what rhinoplasty surgery is like features tons of patients speaking of massive bruising, and lots of pain, and I had NONE. It was truly amazing. Additionally, he is great with being honest with the patient and not over-promising. He takes his time and is meticulous about his work. Dr. Hecht is trustworthy, honest, and cares deeply about patient results. My nose was a very difficult one to operate on and it turned out absolutely AMAZING! All four surgeons I visited said on a 1-10 scale of difficulty- my nose was a 9.5-10! The moment I met Dr. Hecht I knew he was the surgeon for me. He exuded confidence, but not arrogance, and was extremely kind and listened to all my concerns and questions. I am so grateful for Dr. Hecht! Anyone considering any kind of facial plastic surgery should look no further, Dr. Hecht is your guy.

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