Healing process looks AMAZING

I recently had a rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago. I did do my research on my Dr before i scheduled (he’s one of the best Drs in America specializing in rhinoplasty) . My nose, for it being in the healing process looks AMAZING . And such a NATURAL looking difference!

Mz L.

Highly recommended

I would highly recommend Dr. Hecht to anyone who was in need of plastic surgery. I have had many other plastic surgeries before, but I can truly say he is the best.


I am so grateful to have found him

Dr. Hecht took a botched rhinoplasty and rebuilt me a beautiful nose that has given me back self esteem and joy. He has treated me with his professional expertise as well as shown me an extraordinary level of caring and commitment to my recovery.

His staff are professional and involved in the treatment experience, and add to the ease and the entire experience.

I have nothing negative to say about this doctor and his practice. I am so grateful to have found him, and fully recommend him.

Judith B.

I’m very happy that I chose to go to Dr. Hecht

Dr. Hecht did a wonderful job with my otoplasty! I had always wanted to get my prominent ears pushed back, and I saw that he had such great reviews so I went to him first. I luckily got squeezed into his schedule and ended up being able to have the appointment on a Friday and a surgery that next Tuesday! He answered all of my questions and was very thorough in explaining what exactly would be done. It’s been a little over a week since the procedure, and I am so so pleased with the results! I’m very happy that I chose to go to Dr. Hecht and I am beyond excited to be able to wear my hair up without being so insecure!

Madison K.

Dr. Hecht is trustworthy, honest, and cares deeply

Making the decision on what plastic surgeon is right for you is a stressful and important one to make, and I can sincerely say you will not have any regrets choosing Dr. Hecht! He is absolutely amazing, not only as a surgeon but as a person. My rhinoplasty surgery was seamless- legitimately no pain or bruising. Most videos and stories on what rhinoplasty surgery is like features tons of patients speaking of massive bruising, and lots of pain, and I had NONE. It was truly amazing. Additionally, he is great with being honest with the patient and not over-promising. He takes his time and is meticulous about his work. Dr. Hecht is trustworthy, honest, and cares deeply about patient results. My nose was a very difficult one to operate on and it turned out absolutely AMAZING! All four surgeons I visited said on a 1-10 scale of difficulty- my nose was a 9.5-10! The moment I met Dr. Hecht I knew he was the surgeon for me. He exuded confidence, but not arrogance, and was extremely kind and listened to all my concerns and questions. I am so grateful for Dr. Hecht! Anyone considering any kind of facial plastic surgery should look no further, Dr. Hecht is your guy.

Lauren H.

I love Dr. Hecht

I love Dr Hecht, Angela and the rest of the staff. Great aesthetic work, always with a smile!

Teri S.

I am super happy with the results

Dr. Hecht did an amazing job on my cosmetic rhinoplasty! I was always self conscious of my profile in photographs because of a slight hump that made my nose look a little downturned and flat. He recommended a small tip graft as well. I had my surgery on a Tuesday and I was back at work the following Monday. I had zero bruising-just slightly yellow under one eye. The first couple days are pretty rough because you can’t breathe through your nose, but other than that it’s tolerable, more fatigue than anything. I also scar very easily and was expecting my scar to not heal very well, but it’s virtually undetectable.

I am super happy with the results. He really could not have done a better job! Now my nose is straight and my tip is perfect! I highly recommend him.

K. G.

I really feel he is a true artist in his profession

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Hecht for several years and I feel very lucky to be under his care. His staff is simply incredible, very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. The entire team worked around my schedule to book a blepharoplasty surgery (upper eyelids), which was done just 6 weeks ago; and I’m very happy with the results! I look now much younger, rested and natural. I’m a doctor myself and have seen many various postoperative situations, so I was very realistic about the procedure and recovery expectations.

As far as the actual surgery, it was completed at Dr. Hecht’s office with local anesthesia only… it was truly painless and quick! Amazing and very positive experience! The recovery process went really well with no painkillers required, no swelling or bruising on my face.

Simply excellent!

Dr. Hecht was very caring after the procedure with phone calls and follow ups. I was out socializing 3 days later and back at work the following week ! He did an amazing cosmetic work and I really feel he is a true artist in his profession.

I’m honored to be his patient and I feel Dr. Hecht is the best facial plastic surgeon anyone can find. I completely trust him.

Forever grateful,
by Dr. Bozena R.

Dr. Bozena R.

I recommend this Surgeon 100%

I had a deviated septum could not breathe and my nose was crooked and Dr. Hecht fixed my nose so that I could breathe and I also got a rhinoplasty and he made my nose so much better and I was able to breathe perfectly. The surgery went very well I had no pain at all or bruising I didn’t even need to take pain killers. The staff and Dr. Hecht are very nice and great. I recommend this Surgeon 100% he is truely the best at what he does.

Daniel R.

Thank you for everything you have done

Thank you for everything you have done — for your skill and your caring — to have given me such a terrific outcome!

B. S.


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