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Published on April 1, 2015

DNA Repair Enzymes

We all have experienced a sun burn in our day just to end up seeing the damaging effects it had done to our skin later. What if there was a product that when applied to sun-damaged skin could potentially reverse skin cancerand UV aging before it happens?

For years besides using daily sun screen to protect the skin, we used antioxidants to block these damaging effects. Although this molecule is helpful to scavenge damaging free radicals, it can only deflect damage, not heal once it has already happened.

NOW, rejuvenating DNA Repair Enzymes literally ‘cut’ out the damaged DNA and correct the sequence. Our skin naturally has enzymes to fix damaged DNA, however as we age, these enzyme levels drop.

Retinoids, growth factors and peptides all help improve damage, promote collagen growth and healthy cell development, but have not shown to reverse DNA damage.

A study that treated patients with actinic keratosis, a common skin pre-cancer with DNA Repair Enzymes shown a decreased by 68% over one year and basal cell by 30%.

DNA Repair Enzymes prevent the immune suppression in the skin cells that typically occur after UV exposure which help prevent pre-cancers, brown spots and prevent collage destruction.

DNA Repair Enzymes may be the positive change we are looking for to rebuild the structural harm that occurs from over sun exposure.

Neova DNA Total Repair DO:
Incorporate Neova DNA Total Repair to your skin care regimen for the ultimate anti-aging. .

Relying on sun block alone is NOT enough! Yes SPF is a must, but to keep our skin at its best using DNA Repair Enzymes will be a smart add on to your daily skin care.

Consult with your aesthetician about a skin care program or any other question regarding the health and beauty of your skin.

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