Do You Need a Chin Implant or Filler?

Published on May 12, 2014

Do you shy away from photos that will highlight your profile because you don’t have a well-defined chin? A receding chin can make other features, like your nose, appear bigger. It can also make it appear as though you have an overbite or under-bite. Your lower lip may project outward, giving you the appearance of a permanent pout even when you’re happy. A receding chin can even make you look tired.

A chin implant or filler can add definition to your face, giving you a stronger jawline and a more balanced profile. Chin augmentation can increase the chin projection when viewed from the side and elongate the face from the front view. This helps balance the proportions of your face. A chin implant or filler can also help you look younger, giving you a strong jawline to serve as a base for your whole facial appearance.

Patients looking for chin implants can first try a temporary option, such as an injectable filler that can be sculpted to achieve the desired look. Temporary fillers we use in our practice last up to 18 months. Implants can be sculpted to work with the individual’s desired appearance and can be removed at any time. Candidates for chin augmentation should discuss the best option with Dr. Hecht who will assess the need for implants or fillers.

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