Botox vs Facelift: Will Botox Replace a Facelift?

Published on August 20, 2016

Youth is a fleeting state. Before we know it, age has crept up and is making itself apparent on our faces. If wrinkles and sags are starting to give you an aged appearance, you’re probably thinking about ways to appear younger. At this point in life, many people start to consider a facelift, but surgery isn’t an ideal solution for everyone. That’s when you might want to consider Botox. When it comes to Botox vs facelift procedures, the injectable doesn’t provide the same results as surgery, but it does offer its own unique set of benefits.

The Lowdown on Botox vs Facelift

Will Botox Replace a Facelift? No, But…

Botox reduces the signs of aging because it is injected directly into your muscles. This decreases movement and causes muscles to relax. The goal is to soften the look of fine lines and stop them from deepening and becoming more pronounced. Botox also slows down the development of new wrinkles.

When it comes to aging, we can use sports terms to describe Botox and facelifts. Botox plays defense while a facelift is your offensive lineup. Because of this, Botox won’t replace a facelift, but it can delay your need for one.

The Benefits of Treating Age With Botox

When comparing the outcomes of Botox vs facelift, the Botox comes with one very obvious advantage–it’s nonsurgical. A facelift is a surgery, and not all patients are good candidates for a cosmetic surgery procedure, while others prefer to avoid surgery. The second benefit, as mentioned above, is the preventative benefits of Botox, which can slow the signs of aging and postpone the need for a surgical facelift later in life.

When is a Facelift the Only Option?

If your face has aged to the point where you have lower face and neck jowls, then this is the time to get a surgical facelift. For most people, this happens later in life after the age of 60. A facelift tightens the jowls and the muscle cords in your neck. It also removes the fat in this part of your body and tightens the surface area of your face. The elasticity of your skin and its overall condition will affect the results of your facelift. Be sure to ask about any of your concerns during your consultation.

Look Younger in Scottsdale with a Facial Plastic Surgeon

If you’re ready to look younger by trying options that require a bigger commitment than night creams or daily moisturizing treatments, then Dr. David A. Hecht in Scottsdale is here for you! He is double-board certified, and has trained under two renowned professionals in the field. Dr. Hecht offers Botox treatments and facelifts at our Arizona clinic. He can help you decide what’s best for you when it comes to Botox vs facelift options.  Contact us for an appointment today.

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