Dr. Hecht’s amazing blessed genius

Published on August 14, 2022

I am living proof of Dr. Hecht’s amazing blessed genius. My left nostril and part of my nose were recreated from my right ear and the covering nose skin is from my forehead. I tell this to people and they look at me like I’m crazy, cause you would never know and this was recently accomplished in October of 2021, following my 2nd mohs surgery for nasal skin cancer. Not only is he humble and ever so kind, but so is the expert team of ladies within his office…I’ve gone through countless medical procedures in my 62 years of life and have never encountered such a compassionate, caring & skilled support team….From my initial informational phone call with Christie; to the ease of coordinating surgery dates with Veronica; and then his surgical assistant Megan, who is always there filled with comfort and support; to my after care with Angela, his amazing aesthetician. Dr. Hecht is double board certified as an ENT and as a plastic surgeon!!
This gives him a huge edge over the traditional facial plastic surgeon. You will not find anyone more skilled to operate from the neck up. He is a master…the DaVinci of plastic surgeons.
Thank you forever Dr. Hecht & Staff!!

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