Dr. Hecht is AWESOME

Published on April 14, 2022

Dr. Hecht is AWESOME. I had a rhinoplasty done 10 years ago and he did a beautiful job. As I’ve gotten older, my nose has continued to grow and I’ve had it accidentally hit once or twice. I went in to get a liquid rhinoplasty and he was able to make it look so straight and even and gorgeous. He is magic with a needle. I also got lip injections done and oh are they GORGEOUS. It’s so nice having pretty, full lips that are evenly proportioned to each other and to my face. I’ve always been afraid of lip fillers because I didn’t want to look unnatural, but Dr. Hecht was able to make them beautiful and full and even but just as if I was born with it.
The staff is amazing too. Very kind and friendly and easy to work with. My technician was so personable and conversational.
I would highly recommend Dr. Hecht to anyone considering surgery or a cosmetic procedure. He is an artist and a master at it.

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