Rhinoplasty Groupon Deals: Buyer Beware!

Published on January 13, 2016

Groupon deals, while useful and appropriate for consumer goods, restaurant discounts and certain kinds of services (such as massages or hair cuts), are inappropriate for cosmetically related medical services like a rhinoplasty surgery (aka “nose job”). You can find Groupon deals on all kinds of medical services — from Botox to hair transplants — but such medical services should never be scheduled on the basis of price or a discounted rate. Each medical or cosmetic procedure raises unique challenges, and getting rhinoplasty Groupon deals in Scottsdale or any other city has too many variables, risks and ethical implications for you to schedule a procedure based on a discount.

Rhinoplasty Surgeries Are Delicate and Complex

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports that Americans spent upwards of $12 billion in 2014 on cosmetic enhancements, which includes a 43 percent increase in cosmetic surgeries for men. Rhinoplasties are increasingly common among men, adolescents and even children, and rhinoplasty Groupon deals seem to offer cost savings for those who desire a new look without the high price tag. However, Dr. Hecht, board-certified facial plastic surgeon and rhinoplasty specialist in Scottsdale, AZ warns of the dangers of rhinoplasty Groupon deals ranging from hidden costs all the way up to ethics violations.

Rhinoplasty Groupon Deals: Cosmetic Surgery is Still Surgery

You wouldn’t choose a heart surgeon by price-shopping, and any cosmetic procedure generates real medical risks, so you should choose a surgeon, medical practice and surgical center very carefully.  Botched nose jobs can cause serious, life altering medical problems such as hearing loss, sinusitis, chronic nosebleeds, sleep apnea and other surgical complications when not performed by a surgeon who specializes in head and neck surgeries or is perhaps cutting corners in order to offer a reduced rate. Learn more about what goes into the price of a rhinoplasty surgery in our Rhinoplasty FAQ.

If it’s not safe, why do surgeons offer rhinoplasty Groupon deals?

You need to ask yourself why any professional cosmetic surgeon would offer rhinoplasty Groupon deals or any deep discount on a surgical procedure to any patient he has not already consulted with. Could the doctor lack experience, professional credentials or surgical skill? Rhinoplasty surgeries are enormously complex, and Dr. David Hecht suggests that about half of his rhinoplasty procedures are performed to correct the botched nose jobs of other surgeons, arguing that going to a discount plastic surgeon only increases the likelihood of requiring another, often more expensive secondary surgery to correct issues created by the primary surgical procedure.

Rhinoplasty Groupon deals aren’t a bargain if it compromises your appearance or health or if it needs to be corrected by a new, more qualified facial plastic surgeon. Ethical surgeons never guarantee any procedure until they’ve examined a patient, but Groupon deals presuppose a high rate of acceptance and require payment up front. Groupon’s website states that its services are contingent on a formal examination, but the offer has already been made, regardless of your health.

Do you want your rhinoplasty surgery performed right the first time? Of course you do! This is why Dr. Hecht recommends that you consult with several board-certified facial plastic surgeons before you decide which of them you will entrust your health and well-being too.

In addition to being a trusted rhinoplasty specialist in Scottsdale, Dr. Hecht himself is double board-certified as a facial plastic surgeon and otolaryngologist and is also a top choice for patients seeking revision rhinoplasty surgeries. This makes Dr. Hecht uniquely qualified to perform your rhinoplasty surgery, ensuring that you’re provided with an aesthetically pleasing look while also maintaining the form and function of your nose.  You can’t find that on Groupon!

Forego the rhinoplasty Groupon deals and do what’s right for your health and safety.  Schedule your rhinoplasty consultation in Scottsdale with Dr. David Hecht today and learn what to expect during your appointment with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members.

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