Nose Surgery Options for a Nasal Bridge Hump

Published on November 6, 2014

The bridge of the nose has a profound effect on the shape, size and proportions of the nose as well as the appearance of the face, especially in profile. The height, width and length of the nasal bone combined with the angle and size of the nasal tip determine how your nose looks and how well it flatters your face. Because the bridge is a defining facial feature, many patients request rhinoplasty to smooth and soften the dorsal hump.

Aesthetic complaints about the bridge of the nose are typically related to the width or the height. Familial traits generally determine the contour of the dorsal hump. However, the shape of the nose may also be affected by sudden trauma. Fortunately, the excess bone and cartilage that makes the nose appear larger can easily be removed by a rhinoplasty specialist.

Depending on your features, the surgeon may remove a small part of the bone and cartilage to reduce the height of the hump and produce a smoother profile. If the bridge of the nose is wider than you desire the bones can be narrowed to reduce the width. Both of these procedures can be completed during an open or closed rhinoplasty, the open approach is sometimes preferred because it allows the surgeon to visualize the complete structure when removing bone and cartilage and sculpting the area. There are also nonsurgical ways to alter the shape of the nose. Your surgeon can assess your features and discuss these options with you.

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