Cosmetic Rhinoplasty for a Bulbous Tip

Published on October 15, 2014

If you’re looking for a rhinoplasty surgeon in Scottsdale to help correct a bulbous tip, it’s particularly important to find a plastic surgeon with the experience, training and understanding of nose surgery as this particular cosmetic procedure is one of the most difficult to perform.

A bulbous tip is defined by what appears to be a ball at the end of the nose that is much wider than the nasal bridge. Patients request the reshaping of the bulbous nasal tip often because it’s a distracting feature that draws attention from other facial features, like the eyes and lips.

To reshape a bulbous tip, a rhinoplasty surgeon must reshape and thin the cartilage. The most challenging part of this is preventing collapse of the tip later on by strengthening the remaining cartilage, often the most important part of the surgery.

Finally, the skin must is redraped over the new tip and can take time after the surgery to mold to the new tip.

It’s because of these different challenges that a rhinoplasty surgeon performing a nose surgery on a bulbous tip must have the experience, expertise and extensive training required to perform this procedure, or the patient will likely return for a revision rhinoplasty procedure or seek out another surgeon to perform the surgery.

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