What’s a COQ10 and Where Can I Get It?

Published on September 2, 2013

What is CoQ10?

CoQ10, which is also referred to as coenzyme10, is a compound that is naturally found in the body. It is needed to produce ATP, which is the body’s primary energy source. CoQ10 also acts as an antioxidant and protects the body from free radical damage.

What are some food sources for CoQ10?

Fish, soybean oil, cottonseed oil and meat are the most abundant sources of CoQ10. Poultry and eggs contain moderate amounts of CoQ10. Spinach, broccoli, garlic, cauliflower, peas and carrots contain moderate amounts of COQ10.

Should I take a CoQ10 supplement?

Most people get enough CoQ10 from their diet and do not need to take a supplement. However,

CoQ10 deficiencies are common among people who take statins, which are cholesterol-lowering drugs. Heart disease, periodontal disease, obesity and HIV/AIDs are conditions that can deplete a person’s COQ10 level. Doctors usually advise that these patients take a supplement.

Even though most people get enough CoQ10 from their diet, there are numerous health benefits that can be reaped from taking it in the form of a supplement. Studies have shown that COQ10 supplements can lower blood pressure, improve immune system functioning and promote weight loss. There has also been evidence to suggest that CoQ10 can help boost male fertility.

How much CoQ10 do I need?

The recommended dosage of CoQ10 is 30-200 mg per day. Women not take more than the recommended dosage without consulting with their physician. Researchers have not determined whether Coq10 supplements are safe for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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