Benefits of the IPL PhotoFacial

Published on April 18, 2014

Everyone could use a refresher. What if your next facial treatment was restorative and left you with healthier, fresher, younger-looking skin? The IPL photofacial is a procedure that can help improve your skin and provide you with a photo-ready complexion. An effective alternative to plastic surgery, IPL photofacials are ideal for people with acne, dark spots, uneven skin tone and spider veins. An IPL photofacial can help you achieve tighter skin, reduce wrinkles and shrink pores.

An IPL photofacial involves using a handheld device to gently deliver intense pulsed light without harming the surface of the skin. The high-energy light penetrates to the deeper layers of the skin, boosting collagen production and restoring connective tissues beneath the skin’s surface. The light is also absorbed by the darker areas of the skin like liver spots and dilated blood vessels. Initially, these areas may become more pronounced, but after a few days, the dark spots become dry and peel off, and broken capillaries disappear.

The IPL photofacial is gentle and requires no downtime. Several initial treatments will provide significant results. You will notice your skin tone evening out, and you’ll see wrinkles diminish. Gradually, your dark spots and redness will fade. After the first three to five treatments, you may choose to undergo maintenance just a few times a year.

If you have rosacea, large pores or sun-damaged skin and would like to correct your skin with minimal discomfort, the IPL photofacial can provide you with the results you’re looking for.

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