Computer Imaging During Facial Plastic Surgery Consultations in Scottsdale

Published on September 11, 2014

You only have to look at the botched plastic surgery procedures paraded around the media to know that people are increasingly aware of the potential for bad results for their cosmetic procedures.

The good news is that bad facial plastic surgery is rare, and computer imaging software, such as the system we use in our office, can give patients an idea of the type of results they can expect to see after their surgeries are completed and the swelling has gone down.

The Benefits of Computer Imaging in Facial Plastic Surgery

By utilizing computer imaging prior to a cosmetic surgery procedure, the patient and surgeon can ensure they are both on the same page in terms of desired results and realistic expectations. The patient can see just how the new nose would fit onto their face and whether the changes they are asking for are really going to be aesthetically pleasing or desirable.

Computer Imaging for Rhinoplasty Consultations

Dr. David Hecht mostly uses his computer imaging software during cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery surgery consultations. He uses a system called AfterImage; it allows him to quickly and easily take before photos of patients and input them into the software program where he can then manipulate the image to show how he will reshape the nose during surgery.

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