Diane’s New Year Skin Care Tips

Published on January 7, 2015

We all look back on the past year and decide what personal commitments we can make that will help improve ourselves. The first step is to identify the changes we want to make and then have the determination to follow through on those changes. If you’re like me and want to take better care of your skin and look as young as you can…this is for you! Bring in the ‘NEW’ for a total rejuvenation and transformation.

Remove your makeup before bedtime. Proper cleansing will rid your skin of harmful bacteria, dirty, sweat and pollution that has accumulated during the day. Try ZO Medical Foamacleanse for all skin types to remove impurities, deep clean pores and leave the skin feeling clean and hydrated.

Pick at your skin. Blemishes last around 3-5 days at most when treated properly. We know how tempting it is, but when we ‘go to town’ and pick, it will not only result in scarring and further breakouts, the red mark can last 1-2 months! The solution is to get regular facial treatments and try Neova Serious Glypeel (peel off mask) which instantly removes dead, dull surface cells and recharges underprivileged skin.

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